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Nexon's latest free-to-play Dragon Nest gold beat-'em-up (look at all those hyphens!) Dragon Nest received a lovely new patch today.Nexon has published a launch trailer coinciding with the kickoff of its newest free-to-play title, and fans of Dragon Nest will want to take a gander at the clip for a primer on the fantasy title's lore elements as well as a few glimpses of gameplay proper.Here in Texas we have been suffering from one of the worst heat waves in the history of the state.
It's the type of constant heat that makes you mad at something, perhaps the sky or the sun.Of all of the wacky arguments I have heard over the last few years, the "are video games art?" one has got to take the prize for most ridiculous. Sure, you can argue either side of anything, but to ask whether or not games are art just seems to be an attempt to assuage some boredom.Nexon, the creator of the action-based MMOs Dragon Nest and Vindictus, recently invested a significant amount of money in the Hong Kong-based social-gaming developer 6waves Lolapps.Take up your arms, adventurers, because Nexon's Dragon Nest begins open beta today! The cartoonishly adorable, combo-based action MMO has finally opened its doors, and Nexon is staging a series of open beta events to commemorate the occasion. Action RPG fans, rejoice! Nexon has announced that the newest member of its MMO stable, Dragon Nest, will be entering open beta on July 26th.If you've been following recent game development, Dragon Nest gold will have noticed that action-based gaming, or gaming that requires a player to literally control the character on the screen through mouse-clicks or shortcuts, has become all the rage.If you've been anxiously awaiting the closed beta test for Nexon's new Dragon Nest MMO, you're in the home stretch. A new posting on the game's official website spills the beans on the closed beta date and promises a look at "the fastest moving MMO you've ever seen.If you've played Nexon's action- and physics-based MMO Vindictus, you have experienced Dragon Nest. Well, somewhat.Nexon's Dragon Nest team announced today that the 3-D brawler's closed beta is being pushed back until June.Your typical Massively news post centers on an item or two of interest from a current MMORPG.
It might be class-related info, Dragon Nest gold might be a juicy dev quote, or it might be a video. Nexon spread its wings over much of PAX East's exhibit hall this year, with booths scattered about dedicated to it and its partners' various titles. At the center of the storm lay one of Nexon's hottest new properties,Not only are Nexon's revenues on the way up with no sign of slowing, but the company's famed "Nexon iNitiative" is already producing hearty results.The 2010 edition of the gaming nirvana known as E3 has come and gone, and Massively was there to bring you three days of exclusives, firsts, and hands-on impressions for all your favorite MMORPG titles, studios, and developers.

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